Our largest installation of a custom-ordered Kalachakra Mandala from Nepal.  Bringing positive energies into this home’s entry foyer

‘I love the color and symmetry.  It brightens up my home, and is a great compliment to the mandala painting which I purchased a few months ago’ – Daniel Weiss

‘The mandala sits in our family room and my husband and I see it everyday.  We love it. Thanks for bringing your art to Basking Ridge’. – Marie K. Young

The Buddha painting from Bali is a perfect addition to this black and white bedroom.

The Path – When I see this painting, I simultaneously think of the monks in Vietnam who have since passed on, due to recent wars and the artist who currently lives in the same country. Through his touching works of art, he brings beauty to history. – Jennifer S. Kelley

February 2019 – The exhibition at Washington’s GCDC is a wrap.  Artist Gloria Miotto purchased 2 lovely pieces of art as she also paints on textured backgrounds and could identify with the artists from Bali in these 2 pieces.

March 2019 – These 2 masterpieces compliment a tastefully decorated private home in Princeton.

❤ Everyday when I wake up & come down – this sight never fails to make me happy –Hita Revanur 💕 

Connected through spirit and prayer, the monks meditate peacefully – Victoria

Loving my paintings !! Thank you Anu ! Your unobtrusive guidance in helping us arrive at the right choice was truly invaluable. Great way to start the new year ! Love the manner in which you represent your artists and their varied styles by sharing the underlying inspirations. Thanks again for everything you do to help art transcend borders!!! – Jaya Subramanian

The vibrant energy of the galloping horses grabbed our attention and we are enjoying the painting hanging in our entertainment room. – Harjot and Divya Attri

The colorful and vibrant paintings from The Rural Painter bring life into my law office conference room. My clients, many of whom are immigrants really relate to the concept and art from Vietnam – Susan Roy

Art is essential to life some say. And some say that Arti is appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. I found a piece that speaks to me at a primal level. Thank you #TheRuralPainter for sourcing this beautiful abstract from Bali just for me ♥ Richa B. Datta  — (facebook post)

Some of our favorite paintings at Small World Coffee….have found new homes

Mounted or on a stand? We continue to enhance our customers’ homes.

The Dancer’s Sister in her new home. Thank you. The minute I saw The Dancer’s Sister, there was an instant connection. I knew exactly where I would place her in my home. She brings me joy everyday when I look at her on my wall. – Tina

I would like to thank my friend Anu Bhat from the bottom of my heart for bringing this peaceful creation of an artist to my house. This is not just a painting for me it is a divine art that creates and convey peaceful feeling every time I look at it. The colors and other important effects maintained balance and harmony through out the painting . In todays world it is a wonderful thing if a painting could truly and actually “HEAL” someone the moment they looked at the painting . When I see the monk with joining hands this is the thought that comes in my mind

“Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions”


‘Grazing’ from Bali, Indonesia found a happy home. ‘Love my Asian inspired foyer’ – Shazia Buskens.

Triptych from Bali adorns a clients wall. She draws inspiration from the art and sees her past, present and future in each figure.

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