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The Rural Painter’s Journey continues – Art for Healing

The Jewel in the Lotus.

I’m at the foothills of the Himalayas, in Nepal, standing before a large Mandala painting.
I feel almost physically drawn to it, so I step closer and see a familiar prayer, ‘Om Mani Padme Hum,’ written in miniature gold letters over and over within its circles, as if being chanted.

Om Mani Padme Hum is Sanskrit for, Behold the jewel in the lotus.

The lotus plant needs to push through dirt in order to grow and flower. So, this artwork bears a message; radiant good can come from unlikely places and our suffering can flower into beauty and wisdom.
In Nepal I discovered that Mandalas like this one are made to invoke compassion for ourselves and others, and bring peace, prosperity, and protection into one’s home and the world. To learn more about this piece or to purchase it, Go Here.

The Rural Painter strives to honor the divinity found in daily life through art.

Art that Heals

Did you know that Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings, called thangkas, explore the vast teachings of Buddhist philosophy? And that specific thangkas communicate specific messages?

For example, this thangka of THE MEDICINE BUDDHA, also known as the ‘master of remedies,’ is the color of lapis lazuli, and an excellent feng shui cure. If you place this Medicine Buddha in the Southeast area of your home, its energies are said to help eradicate suffering, especially sickness. Visit here for more info on this special thangka. Go Here

We return to Nepal this November and are taking pre-orders at this time.

Art Can Bring Peace – Customer Spotlight

“This is not just a painting for me, it is divine art that creates and conveys a peaceful feeling every time I look at it. In today’s world, it is a wonderful thing if a painting could truly and actually ‘HEAL’ someone the moment they look at it. This painting makes me feel at peace.”

Bhavna, patron of The Rural Painter.

Give Back Simultaneously

I founded The Rural Painter to bring some of the peace and values of global people from indigenous cultures to collectors in The States. I also wanted to help artists in developing countries earn a fair wage. And donate more to charities. So, know that if you bring a piece of The Rural Painter into your home a portion of your purchase will be directly donated to Charity Water, NYC which brings clean drinking water to those who need it.

Before you go, take a peek at what’s going on for the Rural Painter closer to home.

Rural Painter Gallery Show and Lecture

I was part of a speaking series, and gave a guest lecture on Asian Art at Luminary, a women’s coworking space in NYC this month.

A Gallery Show of The Rural Painter’s Balinese and Thai art, has been on display at Luminary this summer.

anu_video.jpgRural Painter in the News

The Rural Painter was featured in Seema’s online video magazine this month. Watch a clip here…

 Anu Bhat, Founder of The Rural Painter

Book an appointment to come and see the art in person in Princeton, NJ at /+1-973-524-0767

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