June 2020

Significance of the Dragonfly

At The Rural Painter we stand for unity, freedom and equality for all.

In light of recent events, we continue to bring you beauty and calm in difficult times. Allow us to transport you to a spiritual place through the work of talented artists.

In the words of Picasso, ‘The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls’.


The painting ‘Atma‘ (meaning soul) is from Chiang Mai, Thailand by talented Artist Jarun Pan-outa.  Buddhism thrived in this mountainous region in the north of Thailand. Artists paint their spirituality along with their concerns about global warming in this region.

In the center of this painting, the small dragonfly seated on the branch is strategically placed.  It represents the joining of Heaven and Earth as the dragonfly is one with air and water at the same time.  When you see a dragonfly in your life, embrace it, as the Universe is reaching out to you with a message.  Atma is 49”x 33.5” framed and would make a beautiful addition to your home.  Purchase the painting here.


Our patron spotlight this month is on Jaya and Sanjay Subramaniam. They purchased 2 paintings from DaNang, Vietnam for their beautiful home, by artist Quyen Tran, drawn to his iconic style.


“Love my paintings!! Thank you Anu! Your unobtrusive guidance in helping us arrive at the right choice was truly invaluable.  Love the manner in which you represent your artists and their varied styles by sharing the underlying inspirations.  Thanks again for everything you do to help art transcend borders!”

Join us for a talk this month (June 28) with Supreet Bains Sharma (@ark.consulting) about art and culture. We speak with a New York based Indonesian dancer and explore connection through artistic expression. Contact us to join this free discussion. 

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