Dec 2019

The Rural Painter wishes you a wonderful holiday season

Our art-sourcing trip to Nepal last month was exciting and full of adventure. Kathmandu is a bustling marketplace. Sights, sounds, smells overload the senses, yet there is a strange peace here – which is apparent in the ritualistic art.

The method of painting traditional art in Nepal is passed down generations. Artists need to study the scriptures for up to a year before they are able to translate their learnings onto paper.

The perfect gift for someone who has everything

Black Mantra Mandala

Mandala in Sanskrit means ‘circle’. It is a spiritual symbol in Buddhism, representing the Universe, bringing positive energies into its environment. These mandalas are lightweight, created with plant based mineral paints on cotton canvas. Stretched and framed here in the US, they are accompanied by a write-up on their purpose and meaning. Click here to purchase.

Red Mantra Mandala

The Mantra Mandala repeats the Tibetan mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ numerous times within the circle, equivalent of its being chanted. Click here to purchase.

An interesting fact – the famed Swiss psychiatrist, Dr Carl Jung, employed the Mandala in his work with clients. When concentrated upon, he felt deeper human consciousness became elevated.

Green Kalachakra Mandala

The Kalachakra Mandala, a wheel of time, depicts a stupa (three-dimensional, five-storey mansion with the enlightened being in the center) as flat. We have a video of an artist, creating the Mandala which takes months to complete. Click here to purchase.

Contact us for more variety in the mandalas in terms of colors and size.

Book an appointment to come and see the art in person in Princeton, NJ at /+1-973-524-0767

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