fill your interiors with spiritual energy from southeast asia

Create a Room to Take you Beyond Your Four walls

The Balinese Lady
33.5″ x 53″

Create a Room to Take you Beyond Your Four walls

The Balinese Lady
33.5″ x 53″ Indonesia

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Fill Your Interiors with Spiritual Energy from Southeast Asia

Create your zen space with spiritual art from Southeast Asia and transform your interiors with a story about a different culture. Allow us to show you the possibilities.

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Create a room that expresses what cannot be put into words.


For a space to let your mind travel without ever having to leave.


Provide a focal point to change perspective and let worries fade away.


For a wall that transforms a room and invigorates the soul.


Add color, texture and depth to your room that can only be felt by the heart.


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Create a room that expresses what cannot be put into words.


For a space to let your mind travel without ever leaving.


Provide a focal point to change perspective and allow the rest of the world to fade away. 


For a wall that transforms a room and invigorates the soul.


Add color, texture and depth to your room that can only be felt by the heart.

“Everyday when I wake up & come down – this sight
never fails to make me happy.”
Hita Revanur

Corporate Clients

The depth and rich textures in these original paintings are an investment in your home you will cherish for years to Come.
Hita Revanur
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"❤ Everyday when I wake up & come down - this sight never fails to make me happy 💕"
Victoria M.
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"Connected through spirit and prayer, the monks meditate peacefully... I love this piece."
Shazia Buskens
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“‘Grazing’ from Bali, Indonesia found a happy home. Love my Asian inspired foyer.”
Daniel Weiss
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"I love the color and symmetry. It brightens up my home, and is a great compliment to the mandala painting which I purchased a few months ago."
Marie K. Young
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"The mandala sits in our family room and my husband and I see it everyday. We love it. Thanks for bringing your art to Basking Ridge."
Harjot & Divya Attri
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"The vibrant energy of the galloping horses grabbed our attention and we are enjoying the painting hanging in our entertainment room."

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The Depth And Rich Textures In These Original Paintings Are An Investment In Your Home You Will Cherish For Years To Come.

The Rural Painter
About the Artist

Lok Chitrakar

Lok Chitrakar (photos attached) is a Master artist in Kathmandu who runs a traditional art training school. He practices the unique heritage of Pauba art which dates back to the 12th century and requires multiple years of study to visually interpret Buddhist and Hindu philosophies. It is an experience to watch him, mixing mineral colors from Himalayan stones ground by hand. His paintings sell out before completion and he has exhibited across the world.

About the Artist


Gopi  is a Nepalese artist who paints mountain ranges.  Influenced by the scenery in this region, he recreates vistas from the border between Nepal and Tibet.

About the Artist

Paul Augus

Paul Augus from Bali is a younger artist who explores creativity through multimedia projects.  He loves to use metallic colors which express his imagination effectively.  He says his art states an inner truth that can’t be explained in words.  A graduate from ISI Denpasar, he continues to express himself through the medium of art.

About the Artist

Kasem Khaolar

Artist Kasem Khaolar (photo attached) from Chiang Mai, Thailand is influenced by the beauty of nature around him. He is the recipient of numerous awards in both Thailand and the US.  In 2009 he was awarded at the Agora Gallery in NYC as part of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.  His collections have traveled through Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Russia, USA, Germany, Holland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

He was born in Phayo, Thailand in 1971 and has a degree in Fine Art from the Rajamangkala Institute of Technology in Chiang Mai.  He continues to pursue his passion creating images of beauty.

About the Artist


Liladhar from Nepal specializes in mountain ranges and amazingly realistic sceneries.  He enjoys painting the Himalayan mountain range. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts as well as diplomas from the Nepal Art Gallery.  At the age of 36, he has several group exhibitions to his credit and works closely with various art groups in Nepal.  He has painted an entire series on the Hialayan mountains for The Rural Painter

About the Artist

Pradeep Shrestha

Pradeep Shrestha lives in Kathmandu with his family.  He has a Master’s degree in Fine Art and has been painting for close to 30 years. He paints local family life in the region, experimenting with acrylic paints using brushes, his fingers and mixed media. His signature style of painting has earned him a name in art circles and he has exhibited throughout Nepal during his career.

About the Artist

Jarun Pan-outa

Jarun Pan-outa from Chiang Mai, Thailand is a renowned artist in this region.  He has a degree in Fine Arts and has been painting for 25 years.  He is part of an artists commune that paints together. His specialty is blending soothing acrylic colors to highlight the beauty of this mountainous region.  He hopes to deliver messages to the world through his art.

About the Artist

Tony Samsudin

Tony Samsudin from Indonesia was born in 1950.  A self-taught artist, he enjoyed painting most of his life and passed away in 2017.  He was known to paint his local culture and everyday life, creating an almost cinematic effect in his artworks.

About the Artist

Nyoman Danta

Nyoman Danta is from Indonesia is a graduate of the University of Denpasar.  In 2003 he was awarded for his outstanding work and contribution to the school.  He is known to convey messages and moods through his bold brush strokes.

About the Artist


Cholis is a self-taught artist in Solo, Indonesia.  His creation of large Buddhist images on a textured background define his style.  He uses sand or paper to create composition on  basic canvas. Once dry, he paints over the grainy surface with oil colors, giving the painting depth and form.  Cholis is originally from Japan and married a Balinese lady, settling in Indonesia. At 49 years of age, he continues to experiment with various mediums in his work.

About the Artist


Kaew (Saengkaew Bongkotmat) is one of the few female artists in Chiang Mai. She hopes to convey the different lifestyles of the Thai people through her paintings, and travels through Thailand to gain different perspectives. All of her paintings draw inspiration from the experiences she captures on camera, then translates onto canvas. Kaew was born in Krabi in 1975 and has been painting for 20 years. She graduated with a BA in education technology and studied art as a minor. The masterpiece, Pilgrimage is a scene from a town near Bangkok, where the monks travel to a temple.Kaew uses a minimal palette with thick brush strokes to highlight line and form using monochromatic and tonal values. The hint of color turns this into a mesmerizing work of art.

About the Artist

Sanguan Noingen

Artist Sanguan Noingoen takes us on a Buddhist journey by monks in search of the Truth. He works with oils for their rich, vivid colors, creating a mood in each of his pieces. The monochromatic tones give the painting depth and a new dimension. Sanguan has exhibited throughout Thailand as well as in the US, UK, France, Japan and Singapore.

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About the Artist

Ketut Budiawan

An Indonesian artist who is constantly pushing his own creative limits.  He has been painting for The Rural Painter for 5+ years. A graduate of the Senior School of Art in Denpasar, Bali, he built a small community of artists called SaptaKanti (7 friends) who paint together. He has been working on a cultural exchange program between Indonesia and Taiwan.  He lives with his wife and 2 children in Bali.